Kal-Gard Polyurethane Thickeners


The Kal-Gum Range of polyurethane thickeners are non-ionic urethane rheology modifiers that allow the formulator to achieve a desired rheology profile at low addition rates while enhancing microbial and water resistance.

Kal-Gum Polyurethanes can be used over a wide pH range and are not alkali dependant therefore allowing for uses in a wide variety of sectors including Paint, Homecare and Industrial.


Kal-Gard HASE Thickeners


From manufacture through storage to drying or curing after application, many different demands are made on a coating, related to its flow properties. These include settling, spattering and sagging. For these reasons, rheological additives (thickeners) are an essential in order to manufacture top quality paint.


The Kal-Gum range of HASE Thickeners illustrates Kal-Gard's core principles of supplying innovative, cutting edge products into the market. These include cellulose replacement thickeners, milling stabilizers as well as high, mid and low shear thickeners.