This product has been developed to meet the requirements of all weapons namely excellent lubrication good corrosion protection and good cleaning properties, in addition it is not an irritant to normal skin and eyes and is completely compatible with weapon paints.


Kal-Gard CLP-2 does not affect the indicator paper used for the detection of chemical warfare as do most other weapon oils and cleaning fluids. Tests conducted on browning machine guns show the following results:


U.S. MIL-L6346OD – weapon Oil - 1500 Rounds before re-lubricating
Kal-Gard CLP-2 - 7500 Rounds before re-lubricating


Specifications MIL-L-6346OD Kal-Gard CLP-2


Falex wear life 10 mins 27 mins
Falex load carrying 1000 lb 1500 lbs
Salt spray 5% ASTN B117 100 hrs 140 hrs
Humidity Chamber 900 hrs 1000 +
Flash Point 65 degree C 200 degree C +
Firing Residue Removal 80% 97%


Kal-Gard CLP-2 oil has been qualified in actual operational condition.