Gun-Kote 16/2 is a range of coatings which are specially developed for the coating of steel ammunition boxes, mortars, cartridge cases and shells.


The coating offers exceptional corrosion protection at a dry film thickness of 8 – 12 um (1000 hrs of salt spray). As the coating is so thin it penetrates into all laminations on boxes greatly improving corrosion resistance over conventional methods. When used on mortars and shells the problems of too thick a paint film causing rejects, becomes a thing of the past.

Coatings are engineered to provide dry lubrication which overcomes with the extraction of large calibre cartridge cases. All these coatings have been operationally tested and exceed all performance requirements.

Included in this range are coatings for the replacement of electro galvanising and cadmium plating especially on nuts and bolts offering far better corrosion protection, resistance to galvanic couples and resistance to acids. Gun-Kote 16/2 can be made in most colours and does not require any primer. The coatings are also now used for automotive and industrial applications especially where fine tolerances are required.


Qualities of Coating


  • Very thin 8 – 12 Micron.
  • Resistant to solvents and acids.
  • Can withstand far higher and far lower temperatures than conventional coatings.
  • Excellent impact resistance.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance. 1100 hrs at salt spray.
  • Resistance to UV 1000 hrs.
  • Compatibility to explosives.
  • Can be applied electrostacilly.
  • Thin coating is very hard and scratch resistant.
  • Dry film lubrication.


Some Gun-Kote 16/2 Coatings


  • Gun-Kote 16/2 (Standard). All colours. For ammunition and cartridge cases.
  • Gun-Kote 16/2 DG. Usage on threaded fasteners, studs, brackets, pulleys and linkages. (Fluoropolymer coating)
  • Gun-Kote KG – 27-5 Fluorocarbon coating is formulated for application/usage on automotive and truck weld nuts, pierce nuts, weld studs and related hardware. It provides corrosion resistant, non conductive, non-stick finish, restricting adhesion of unprimed paint/primer systems to threaded fastener areas while providing lubrication necessary to meet installation torque and tension to assure joint integrity.
  • Gun-Kote 16/2 Box-Kote: specially developed as a dip coat for ammunition boxes, tail fins, etc to penetrate into all laminations and difficult areas.


These are just a few of the many coatings available, for more information contact us.