About Us

Kal-Gard, whose headquarters is in Durban, South Africa, and the U.K. Division are part of a small but dynamic international group who manufacture specialised lubricants and coatings, all of which have been developed through painstaking research and development alongside the customer.


At Kal-Gard we have always maintained a philosophy of working closely with our customers to formulate materials to solve the customer's specific problems. Through this philosophy, we have developed a range of products which will satisfy most coating requirements. However, should our product not be exactly right for your application, we will work together and tailor make it to suit you.


We pride ourselves in a direct and personal approach to business, so we can constantly keep abreast of our customer's needs.


Through our network of companies, distributors and agents, we cater for a wide range of industries in many parts of the World, including UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, Republic of South Africa and Zimbabwe, North African countries, the Middle East, Pakistan and the Sub-Continent, and Australasia.


Let us know of your coating and lubricant needs or problems. We probably have the right product, but if not, we will work with you to come up with the right solution